Do you have have any more details on the Bamboo Box and Open Loader dimensions?

Bamboo Box

  • The Supercargo Bamboo Box is tapered, both front to back and top to bottom, so the dimensions are not straight forward:
    • Length
      • Back to front at top: ~910 mm
      • Back to front bottom: ~630 mm
    • Width
      • Top/Front: 420 mm
      • Top/Rear: 560 mm
      • Bottom/Front: 380 mm
      • Bottom/Rear: 470 mm

Open Loader

The Open Loader is 27″ wide and tapers to 20.5″.

The height is about 14.5″ and the length is 34″ from front to back.

The Open Loader does provide a little bit more space for cargo and is much lighter, too!

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