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Extra! Extra! The Upgrade Your Commute Contest Results are in!

YUBA Electric Supermarche

  • (Sam Wedelich – Winner of the People Mover category)

We couldn’t pick a single winner, so we’re going with our top 3!

We’re not just saying this, but whoa! I mean Wow, you guys! We received over 50 entries and each and every one was totally spectacular!

Thank you to everyone who entered for taking the time to share your story with us. Special thanks to Sam Wedelich for going all out!  The image you see above is just a small clip from a full length cartoon of the Adventures of an Urban Pack Mom! We’ll post the entire cartoon on the blog soon. It’s amazing!

As predicted we couldn’t pick out one single winner for the contest so we divided you all into three categories, Hill Climbers, Environmentalists and People Movers. First, second and third place winners are listed below.

Drum roll please…………..

Hill Climbers
1st Place – Travis Ritchie + Little Riders
2nd Place – Ellen Foley
3rd Place – Alex Hooker

1st Place – Jackie Wilson
2nd Place – Audrey Fergason
3rd Place – René Ponder

People Movers
1st Place – Sam Wedelich, The Urban Pack Mom
2nd Place – Joe Pecorino and Jimmy
3rd Place – Theresa Bechtel

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One thought on “Extra! Extra! The Upgrade Your Commute Contest Results are in!

  1. Ben Schapiro says:

    Years ago I was a co-owner of a shop that sold Boda-Bodas and Mundos. Great bikes. Customers came for all over Illinois and NW Indiana to start cargo biking with Yubas from our shop. I started with a Mundo Lux, It did everything I asked of it, towing my Labrador, going shopping, hauling building supplies etc. Upgraded to a 2019 Spicy Curry, Bosch Performance Line CX, an even more capable bike. Took it touring. Did all the things the Mundo did, but now I could tow multiple Labradors to the beach and back.

    After hitting 6,000 miles it was time to spice up the ride. Just installed a Rohloff Speedhub 500/14 CC DB Ext 32h hub with the OEM2 axle plate. Complex, but not difficult. The Rohloff is a improvement over the original 10sp der set up. No more dropping the chain off the chain ring from shifting too far. Being able to downshift at a stop is a real plus with 150 pounds of Lab in he trailer. The write up and photos are on my FB page.

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