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Twin Cities Daily Planet: Cargo Bikes, New MN Bikes on the Streets?

Cargo bike: New Minneapolis bikes on the streets?

October 15, 2012

Can you imagine a future where you pick up groceries, friends and even a date on your bicycle? That’s the future Yuba Bicycles envisions, and they’re attempting to make it a reality.

The company released their newest cargo bike, the Boda Boda on October 6 at Calhoun Cycles, during the 6th annual Tiny Bike Shop Concert, which partnered up with Banjo Brothers and The Beez Kneez this year, advocating healthy living, Minneapolis bike culture, local music, and sustainable living.

“Cargo bikes are typically designed to carry a lot of payload,” said Kaytea Petro, the Marketing Director with Yuba Bicycles, “the trade off is that they’re slow and heavy. This cargo bike is a big payload cargo bike, but only weighs about 35 pounds, which is pretty much the same as any townie bike.”

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