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TOTCYCLE: “Midtails” – the New Family Ride?

“Midtails” – the New Family Ride?

August 21, 2012

There’s an emerging new category of cargo bikes out there, informally called the “midtail,” as they feature an extended badonkadonk, but not as long as bikes in the “longtail” category like xtracycles, mundo’s, and madsen’s.

I’ve noticed 3 versions of this new style pop up in the past year, and we spent a bit of time discussing them on this weekend’s Kidical Mass Seattle camping trip (details to follow when I get some photos – let’s just say that Bainbridge Island was hilly but not chilly, we got a great waterfront spot at the campground for only $5/adult, and the pie was plentiful).  Read more here….

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