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The Total Toddler Toter!

Lovin’ The Ride

The Yuba “Peanut Shell” child seat is made from molded plastic that wraps around your child.  Built for children from 19 to 48 pounds, the Peanut Shell is made to fit the Mundo’s substantial rear rack.  Loading and unloading your precious cargo is easier because the Mundo’s rack is lower than most bicycle racks.

Grab your Goober and Go Get some Groceries

Peanut shell & Go-Getter

Yuba’s 20 gallon “Go-Getter” panniers have been upgraded with improved straps and safety features.  They can carry two full bags of groceries without removing them from the grocery bag.  No need to pack items individually into your panniers; just slip the whole grocery bag right in.  The Go-Getter is conveniently organized into halves by the included divider.   But unlike other bikes, the Mundo allows you to take your child grocery shopping and have plenty of room to carry groceries.  That’s because both the go-getter bags and the Peanut Shell can be installed and used at the same time.

Room to Grow on the Mundo

Two Peanut Shells

Only the Mundo offers two child seats that can be installed behind the rider for a safer, more comfortable ride.  When one child gets a little older, a seat can be removed and the taller child (over 48”) can ride on the “Soft-Spot” padded seat and feel confident grabbing the “Hold-On” Stoker bars.  Their feet rest securely on the Mundo’s “Side Load” bars.  Later, when your child wants their own ride, you won’t need to worry about Jr. Birdman getting tired riding their own bike because when they do you can easily strap their bike to the Mundo with the Yuba Cargo Straps and let the little guy ride behind you.

Yuba Bicycles’ expanding line of accessories continue to make the Yuba Mundo the ultimate fun machine for carrying friends, kids, groceries or anything!  The Mundo is the “true” green bicycle because it can be used for real-life tasks that would normally require a car to accomplish.  Have fun while doing everyday errands and expand your utility, community, mobility!

Designed for environmentally conscious individuals who want to lower their auto expenses, shrink their carbon footprint, have fun and get healthy, the Yuba Mundo allows bicyclists to accomplish tasks that previously required a car or truck. Shop for groceries, pedal your children to school, carry a surfboard to the beach, haul tools to the job site or take a picnic to the beach.  Like a minivan or pickup truck on two wheels, the Mundo makes errands fun—minus the pollution and high cost.

The Yuba Mundo: “Challenging the perception of What a Bicycle Can Do