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The Supermarket Street Sweep – Yuba Style

Supermarche front loading cargo bike

153 racers
15,358 lbs. of food
330,880 meals provided to date!

The 12th Annual Supermarket Street Sweep was a huge whooping success this year, raising more money and collecting more food than ever before! The Supermarket Street Sweep is an annual fundraiser for the SF-Marin Food Bank where folks race to collect the most food from grocery stores and deliver it to the food bank by pedal powered bicycles only.

Did you know? All the food collected from grocery stores is paid for by the folks hauling the food by bike; either collected in small donations or out of their own wallets! High fives to all the racers this year; you folks sure are awesome!

Sure, it’s a fundraiser, but it’s also a bike race or more precisely, a Cargo Bike race! Which in turn, becomes a fun bicycling community event where folks get to geek out on other bikes, rub elbows with other riders, pedal together for a good cause and put their road steeds to the ultimate test, all at once.

We are proud to have played a small part in this year’s event by creating a few of the vessels that hauled the collected food, but also by sending a few strapping young men to haul some onions and rice with pedal power too!

Check out the Supermarket Street Sweep Results!

Supermarche cargo bike

The Winning Team: No Yer Squad (Ryan Schaub, Michael Pollack, Matthew Wiebe, Tim Hart, Jake Perkins) hauled 3,946 pounds of that food on the front racks of three Supermarché Cargo Bikes to win the Team division.

This is the team’s second win in a row using the Supermarché front loader. We hope they ask to borrow a few again next year…

Sweet Curry Boda Boda All Terrain Cargo BikeOur Boys: At the last minute our engineers dove in on the action too. (They were inspired when Ryan came to collect the Supermarchés.) Riding a Sweet Curry and Boda Boda AT, Abe Stucky  and Tim de la Fuente were able to haul 317 and 165 lbs. respectively, coming in 5th and 6th in the Cargo Men’s division.

Evidence suggests a few other racers also rode Yuba Cargo Bikes in the Supermarket Street Sweep that day!

*All these amazing photos are courtesy of Derek Yarra Photography!

Mundo Cargo Bike

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