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The new Stand Alone kickstand almost ready

New Stand Alone prototype on Mundo

The Yuba Mundo 21 speed comes standard with a very good and useful sidekickstand. However numerous yubariders and users are looking for a “wider” more stable base.
In the last few months we have been working hard a prototyping, testing  and using various kickstand prototypes. We have now finalized our latest prototype and it is going to be going to production before the end of March. We are expecting delivery of the new Stand Alone kickstand for Mundo around mid-May.

2 thoughts on “The new Stand Alone kickstand almost ready

  1. Dave Proctor says:

    Sooo… how wide is the stance? Will the leg length be adjustable for use with different tire sizes? Does it have a remote deployment option?

    1. admin says:

      The kickstand is 14″ wide. The length wont’ be adjustable which means that in some situations the front wheel will be up.
      No remote deployment option available.

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