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The Hamax Caress Child Seat Compatibility Review

Hold on to your seats folks because this is going to be one wild “compatibility review” from Yuba Bicycles.

Many riders ask about alternative seat options and we are always eager to try new options for the little ones. The nice folks at Hamax kindly sent us a test seat to try on all our rear racks.

We’ll go ahead and spoil the surprise and tell ya from the beginning; the Caress Child Seat is not only compatible with the Mundo Cargo Bikes, but also the Kombi. It is very impressive so read on to find out all the things we loved about this feature packed child seat!

A very deep dive into compatibility of the Hamax Caress Child Seat + the Yuba Mundo LUX/Classic

As told by our Engineering Intern, Willie:

Many of our riders love their Mundo because it allows them to carry their kiddos while still having room for whatever else they find themselves toteing around town. However, finding the right child seat can be a daunting task. Is it safe? Will it fit on my bike? Is it comfortable for my kid? Are all questions that may be floating through your mind as you search for the right way to carry your child.

Here at Yuba we recently had the pleasure of testing a child seat that may silence all your qualms. The “Caress” made by Hamax has a lot of exciting features to address these question and give you peace of mind when you’re out riding.

We loved this child seat’s ability to recline. With the turn of a knob your kiddo can go from sitting up to sitting back. When comfort is the key to your family having fun on the bike then this could be a game changer. If that is not enough, the seat also has a built in suspension system using springs to smooth out the ride.

We found that the mounting mechanism (aka carrier adapter) on the Caress is very simple yet secure. It was very intuitive and only took us only a few minutes to install on the first try. However, with that said we found it much easier to install without the child seat attached to the adapter. Luckily Hamax included a quick release pin that allows the seat to be removed or reattached in a matter of seconds. When mounted, the Caress left plenty of room that could be used to add a Soft Spot or another Caress if you find yourself carrying twinsies.

Another feature that we really liked about the Caress was it’s adjustability. There are many height adjustments built into the seat that allow it to grow as fast as your kid. For parents, anything that grows with your family gets automatic bonus points. When they do eventually outgrow this seat they will surely be ready for the Yuba Soft Spot and Adjustable Monkey Bars.

Because we like to write honest reviews about products we also have a list of the things we were not excited about:

  • First the only bike the Caress is compatible with is the Mundo and the Bamboo Deck must be removed to be installed safely. This could be easily fixed with some upgrades to the carrier adapter. 
  • The added height of the springs does result in a higher center of gravity which could make for a less stable ride when loaded. 

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2 thoughts on “The Hamax Caress Child Seat Compatibility Review

  1. Jon says:

    Nice simple review. I have a Hamax Caress already being used on my current normal bike. I am hoping to get a Kombi in the next couple of weeks and am interested to know if the Caress rack adapter will work with the Kombi rack. I don’t know when this review was posted so not sure if the Kombi existed back then.
    Any idea if the Caress will mount on the Kombi rack?

    1. Mathilde Redien says:

      Hi Jon!
      Kombi frame hasn’t change since 2018 so should be fine!

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