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The many sides of the Baguette

Let’s face it, the Baguette doesn’t exactly scream “I’m exciting” not out loud anyway. I mean, it’s brown for Pete’s sake. But, hey, that’s one of the reasons why this bag is so awesome. Let me explain.

1. Camouflage: When was the last time you saw an ugly purse being stolen? Never. This brown cargo bag could be carrying gold bricks and no one is going to wonder what’s inside. Technically it’s tweed. It’s sleek and stylish when paired with any outfit, but remains inconspicuous when left on the bike for short stops. Can you even see it in this photo? ==>

2. Water resistant: Sealed zippers, waterproof material and a roll top closure offers optimal water resistance. From paper cups to computers you can ride with confidence that your stuff is completely dry inside. Scout’s honor.

3. Crazy versatile: The roll top style offers a lot of carrying options; open, closed, kinda closed. Plus the clips are on a sliding track so you can mount the bag around other cargo on the rack. We’ve seen riders carrying surfboards, beach umbrellas, kids bikes, a flea market find and the family pet in this cargo bag.


Those are just a few features that make the Baguette a real winner! Our riders gave this cargo bag 5 stars, three cheers and two thumbs up. Some folks even use it on their regular bike racks when they aren’t toting hundreds of pounds of cargo on a Yuba.

This amazing cargo bag is compatible with the Boda Boda and Mundo Cargo Bikes. #whatabagcando

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