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Team Yuba Continues to Grow. Welcome Toby Lukins

Toby Lukins – Production Commander

Let’s all welcome the latest addition to Team Yuba — Toby Lukins.  Toby will be managing the production shop here at Yuba HQ.  Guess he needs a title.  How about: Technical Munger of Product.  No, that’s not it.  High Class Jury Rigger.  No, wait.  Vice-President of Getting’ Bikes out da Door.  Kinda like that one.  Actually, let’s just call him the Rock the Shop Manager.

No, seriously.  Toby’s as crazy about bikes as the rest of us.  He’s an Aussie from Adelaide who’s been living stateside for the last 5 years even though he’s been running the Mountain Bike Program for Mountain Camp in the Sierras for the last 10 summers.  He’s a damn good trials rider (he’s got a wicked Echo Pitbull) and brings tons of bike experience to bear.

Watch for Toby on the Yuba Facebook page and Blog.  I guess he’s got something to say.

Welcome Toby!


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