Carry a SUP board by Bike

One of our favorite way to use the Boda Boda or the Mundo here at Yuba is to carry a SUP (stand-up paddleboard). We have carried wave boards (8.5″ long) and race boards  (14″ long). We have also hauled whitewater kayaks, and even sea kayaks. It is easy and simple to use the Boda Boda and the Mundo to transport long loads. Both bikes feature side loading platform. The board or craft is positioned lengthwise on the bike. In general it is best to position the board on the right side of the bicycle. A couple of pieces of high-density foam positioned along side the rack create the necessary clearance for the biker’s feet. With some crafts such as a whitewater kayaks it doesn’t even require to use a block of foam. Yuba Bicycles will be releasing a SUP/ Surf/ Kayak pad system during the summer. In the meantime below are some instructions to help you make your own.

To carry your board on Yuba Bicycle you will need:
A block of high density foam.
Pipe insulation foam.
A pair of Yuba Utility Straps.

1) Select and cut the high-density foam.
• We do recommend using high-density foam. Such foam can be found at a kayak or surf shop. You will need a piece the size of about 16″x7″.
• Cut one piece of about 16″ tall and 5″ thick. This is the piece that will push the board away from the carrier.
• Cut a second piece of about 16″ tall and 1″ thick. This piece will be positioned towards the end of the carrier, it gives the board a bit of cushioning.

2) Install on the bike.
• To secure the foam on the bike, duck tape, zip-ties or small short straps like rok straps can be used.

3) How to load the SUP on the Boda Boda or Mundo.
Once the foam blocks are installed it is time to load the the board. We would recommend that you follow these steps:
• loop the Utility Straps around the sideloader bars first!
• postion the board on the bicycle, with the board/craft between you and the bicycle. This way you will be able to control the board, the straps.
• pull both strap ends towards the top of the rack and loop around a solid anchor point on the bicycle rack. Tighten one side then the other.
• once the board is securely on, loosen the strap and insert the paddle so it sits on the top  edge of the board. Cinch straps again.
• wiggle cargo (the board and paddle) to make sure it is attached properly.
• take a test ride on an empty parking lot or quiet street.
• test the safety of the load one more time.
• ride and have fun at the beach, river, lake….

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