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Stew the Cargo Bike

Lots of our riders choose a name for their cargo bikes because they really do begin to feel like part of the family.  In January we held a photo contest, asking folks to send in a photo of their cargo bike and tell us the story of how it got it’s name. Below is the winning story and photo.

Congratulations Jessica Smith for winning the January Photo Contest and Thanks for being awesome stewards of the cargo bike lifestyle!

Carry kids by cargo bike

We are calling our bicycle, Stew. A lot of my friends have chosen words to inspire them this year. None have resonated with me until one friends said hers was stewardship. That is what comes to mind with this bike. I can be a good steward of the environment, finances, my health, and relationships with the use of this bike.

I biked my kids to school this morning at around 10 miles round trip. They were terrified at first because I needed to learn to balance. We talked a lot and they had to trust I wouldn’t let them fall. They loved it and both boys HAD to have their helmets attached to their backpacks so that they could show off how they got to school.

I also ran into a couple friends and several strangers. It is nice to exercise and be a part of the community. So, Stew is going to be the vehicle that allows us to be good stewards.”

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