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Shift Into (School) Gear – Boda Boda Back To School Bundle

Make a splash in the school pick-up line

The Boda Boda is back – just in time for the new school year, and now available in limited quantities as part of our Back To School Bundle. Don’t miss out on this chance to secure your urban people mover before its graduation! The Boda Boda as we know it is not expected to be back in 2021. 

Boda Boda Back To School Promotion

This summer, we are excited to bring back the iconic Boda Boda – one last time! One of our most popular compact cargo bikes, the Boda Boda is perfect for hauling the kiddos and all their gear. Tuesday afternoon playdate? No problem! The Boda Boda has room for two on the rear rack. Friday picnic in the park with classmates? Bring it on! The Boda Boda can transport up to 400 pounds  – including wiggly ones and all their favorite treats (and yours!).

Free $250 Of Add-Ons

The Boda Boda Back To School Bundle comes with all the cargo essentials for school days & beyond. Each bike comes with $250 in FREE Add-Ons including a Hold On Bar, Mini Soft Spot and the Boda Boda Sideboards to keep your most precious cargo safe and comfy for the ride. 

Boda Boda Aqua Europe

Ever wondered where the name Boda Boda comes from? 

Our founder, Benjamin Sarrazin, was inspired by the bicycle and motorcycle taxis that he saw during travels to East Africa. He loved the idea of transporting cargo and people this way, and he transformed that into his design for the Boda Boda! 

Transport Champion

Feel free to check out some of our additional Add-Ons that will transform your Boda Boda into the transport champion it was made to be!

The Bread Basket that sits up front and can hold up to 50 pounds


The Baguette was designed with a few things in mind: being weatherproof, light and sturdy, and making your bike a better-looking, more practical cargo carrier.

Bread Basket

The Bread Basket takes the idea of a bike basket to a whole new level. Comes complete with Liner and Quick Release skewers    


Foot Pegs are the perfect resting place for those little feet aboard the Boda Boda, Electric Boda Boda and the Kombi.

The Boda Boda In Action

Limited Time Offer

Boda Boda


The ultimate urban people mover

Boa Boda Icones Weight

  • Fits riders
    • Step Through 4.9 to 5.10ft (1.45 to 1.85m)
    • Step Over 5.5 to 6.5ft (1.65 to 2m)

You don’t want to miss out on this limited time offer, and your last chance to make the Boda Boda a part of your sustainable lifestyle

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