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Save The Bees – One Yuba Ride At A Time

Yuba Electric Supermarché Ride and Save The Bees

Ride And Save The Bees

Sustainability is ingrained in Yuba’s identity. With every partnership and special promotion, we strive to not only get more people on cargo bikes, but to promote a more sustainable lifestyle that benefits the environment. 

Charlie Agar, known from the TV show Charlie Bee Company , uses his Yuba Electric Supermarché for his daily work as a beekeeper in New Braunfels, Texas . Whether it is hauling bee hives to a new habitat or feeding the bees with his 40 gallon spray-tank, Charlie replaces his car with Yuba’s front-loader cargo hauler. 

With the Ride and Save The Bee campaign, you can do it like Charlie: Ditch the car and save the bees.

Ride and Save the Bees

Donation to The Bee Conservancy With Every Bike Purchase

For a limited time only, Yuba Bicycles will donate $50 for each Supermarché or Electric Supermarché purchased on the Yuba online shop to The Bee Conservancy and their efforts to help grow the overall bee population. By creating bee sanctuaries in public places, education, advocacy and research, this nonprofit organization is here to protect the bees across the United States. 

Honeybees are our planet’s most important pollinators, while transportation is one of the world’s most significant polluters. Together, we can help grow the bee population while reducing our carbon footprint – for a more sustainable future. Join in on making a positive difference, one awesome ride at a time. 

Bike purchases made via an authorized Yuba retailer through March 31st are eligible as well. Please email a copy of your receipt to carryon(at)yubabikes.com no later than April 1, 2021 to qualify.

Charlie Bee with his Electric Supermarché

Free Add-Ons With Bike Purchase

There are many reasons to forget the car keys, hop on one of Yuba’s front-loader cargo bikes and save the bees: You not only do good for the environment, you also receive Yuba Add-Ons that are worth $400 for free:

The Bamboo Baseboard, the Open Loader and the Seat Kit come with every Ride and Save The Bee bike.

With the Electric Supermarché and the Supermarché you will carry anything you can think of. Whether it is the weekly load of groceries, the children drop-off at the soccer practice or a 40-gallon-tank to feed the bees in your backyard. 

Join the cargo bike lifestyle now and live more sustainably: Save the bees – one bike ride at a time.

Join The Cargo Bike Lifestyle

Charlie uses Yuba’s front-loader cargo hauler that features a powerful Bosch Performance Line Motor. This bike will carry kids and other gear anywhere you want to. Up the hill, downtown, along the road: it follows you everywhere. Ride now and save the bees.

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