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Riding on Roadways: Spotted In the Wild Review

Spotted in the Wild: Yuba Boda Boda

see October 14th, 2012, 6:37 pm”>October 14, 2012 · by Davey Oil · in


Hubba Hubba, Boda Boda!

I first spotted this Yuba Boda Boda midtail cargo bike during a commute home over Beacon Hill sometime last week. I don’t really remember the spotting, it was over so fast! Riding North, I noticed a rider heading South on Beacon. (I notice every bike in my field of vision. I bet some of you do, too. It’s a curse, right? An AWESOME curse.) As soon as I realized their bike was the new Yuba Boda Boda I started dinging my bell and shouting. Then they were gone. No picture, no story or bike review worthy of a blog post, and at this point, almost six months into this bloggy life, an event with no postwothyness is almost a nonevent. JK! There is more to life than this!

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