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Rider Profile: Toffer Lehnherr


Carry kids by Yuba Spicy Curry Cargo Bike

“Rad Dad: it’s an action, not a label” says Toffer Lehnherr of Pedal Missoula on his Instagram feed. If you visit Toffer’s Instagram you’ll see what he means by that. He and his young family are out and about almost everyday on all types of bicycles. They ride rain, snow or shine, all year long, even in the wee hours of the morning, to the top of a mountain, just for a coffee break with friends.  A weekly meet-up Toffer never misses.

As Chief Pedal Pusher for Pedal Missoula, a Montana based bicycling non-profit, and long-time cargo biker, Toffer was determined to introduce folks in his area to the idea of family biking and electric cargo bikes. Because the area is mainly focused on recreational cycling and mountain biking, Toffer added a shiny new Spicy Curry to Pedal Missoula’s bike quiver for local families to test out. It gets a lot of action.

Toffer and family have put quite a few miles on the new Spicy Curry themselves, riding around town and on taking it on big adventures, including a 6 day tour around the Puget Sound last fall.  And the self-proclaimed Rad Dad is also a rad photographer, posting epic family vacation photos featuring, you guessed it, the Spicy Curry!

See Toffer, the fam and the Spicy Curry on his Instagram feed.

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