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Rider Profile: Steve Bodner


Carry kids by Yuba Cargo Bike

Have you ever worn out a bike bell from ringing it so much? Meet Steve Bodner, a Yuba Aficionado and awesome cargo bike dad! Steve has worn out quite a few bike bells on his twice daily trips across the Golden Gate Bridge on his electric Mundo Cargo Bike. With each ride, Steve and his family are advocating for the Cargo Bike lifestyle and showing folks what a bike can really do!

Steve will be the first to tell you, this cargo bike changed his life and he has hard proof of this. For one year, Steve tracked every mile he (and his little one) traveled by bike and by car, including a whopping 57 trips to the park and 22 trips to the aquarium.

“We became the envy of the preschool drop off. We zipped off to playgrounds on the other side of the city & got in and out of swim lessons without any parking problems. I even managed 9 times across the golden gate bridge with the bike on my commute. At 50 cents a mile (for car use) and $7 bridge tolls, I saved myself almost $200 for the 1st month alone.”

The Hard Numbers from year one: 

3233 miles in 12 months
50% of all my miles with the e-bike
40% reduction in car use vs 2016

Carry kids by cargo bike

That’s not all! Steve wrote a brilliant account of the year’s miles (complete with graphs) in this Medium article.

Medium: The Bike That Changed My Life

When we heard from Steve about a year later, this is what he had to say:

“20 months in and already 5000 miles on the odometer. Im averaging about 250 miles a month and the new bike feeling hasn’t even worn off yet.”

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