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MBB Surfboard Rack


An easy-to-use and lightweight surfboard rack that makes it easy to transport your surfboard or SUP on your Yuba cargo bike.


Mini Soft Spot

Lasting comfort for one person - just where it's needed!    

Pin Lock

The integrated Yuba frame lock is a simple and practical way to secure your Yuba cargo bike.

Pop Top Cover

“The only longtail rain and snow cover for kids”. Fits all Yuba bikes with Adjustable Monkeys Bars.


The Ring is the designed to make it stylish and safe to carry a passenger. Mount to the top Bamboo Deck on the Spicy Curry, Sweet Curry, Boda Boda, Kombi and Mundo cargo bikes.

Roots Kickstand

The widest kick-stand available today for ultimate static stability!

Security Cable

Added security for your Yuba bike, this strong & flexible cable will give you peace of mind - anywhere you go.    

Ski Rack

Less emissions for more powder!   FIRST DELIVERY SOLD OUT Next Delivery January 2022

Soft Spot

Lasting comfort - just where it's needed!   Shipping January 2022