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Pimp my Ride, iCargo Bike! (Part Deux)

The fine folks at iCargoBike in San Clemente sent in a bunch of pictures of custom builds they have completed recently. They’re so sweet, that we thought we’d share them one by one. Today’s bike is their shop bike; for those of you who don’t work in the bike industry, that means the bike that every employee in the shop can use to run errands, or barrow when their ride is broken down. And what a sweet shop bike it is…..especially the surfboard rack (clearly just for work purposes, eh?)

Shop Yuba v3 with avid bb7 disc brakes and Swalbe Fat Frank tires, with 36 volt li-on amped front drive geared kit.




Two years at the beach and the spokes are rusty but amped motor and battery still working strong, nice iCargoBike custom surfboard rack.

Stay tuned! More of their awesome builds coming your way. If you see anything that sparks your interest, please contact the fine folks at iCargoBike.


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