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Photo Contest: A Bicycle Built for Two

Happy February! It’s been an uncharacteristically warm winter in many places, which is good for us cyclists, but also reminds us of one of the reasons why we have chosen to ditch the car in the first place. By riding our Yubas to school, the grocery store and work, we’re sharing our love with the world. We’re creating the future we want to live in, everyday.

To celebrate the month of love, we would like to invite send us photos of your “Bicycle Built for Two“, that is pictures of multiple people on your bike. It can be for any reason – going to school, date night, bike surfing – as long as there are two or more people on the bike. The person with the best photo will get a freeaccessory of their choice.

Submit the photo on our Facebook page with a quick description of what’s going on. If you don’t dig Facebook, you can enter by emailing your photo to [email protected].





Update: The photos have started to pour in. Here are the entries we have received so far. Don’t forget, the contest runs until the end of the month, so send us your pictures.

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