Patch, MN: ‘Future of Urban Bicycling’ Hits Local Bike Shops

‘Future of Urban Bicycling’ Hits Local Bike Shops

Bike manufacturer compares new creation to a moped and bills it as ‘perfect for date night’

By James Sanna October 4, 2012

To urban sustainability types, the idea of bicycles replacing cars for most city trips is a lofty goal just out of reach. Now one bike manufacturer thinks they’ve got a solution—and it’s just gone on sale at local bike shop Calhoun Cycle.

If you just have to transport yourself to and from work or the bar, bicycles are great—fast, easy to park, relatively cheap. For anything more complex than that, whether it’s grocery shopping, transporting tiny family members to school, or carrying friends who lack bicycles, the current technology isn’t really there.

“We think there needs to be an ecosystem of options” for cyclists, said Kaytea Petro, spokesperson for Yuba Bicycles. “We’re trying to carve out a place for people who are practical slackers. The people who don’t have time to be political but who still want to get around on a bicycle.”

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