Our Cargo Bikes are UL Compliant


Last month, the U.S. Consumer Protection Agency issued a letter to thousands of e-mobility manufacturers, distributors and retailers calling on them to ensure their products comply with established safety standards or face possible enforcement action. Safety is paramount at Yuba Bicycles, which is why we are proud to partner with Bosch and Shimano – both CPSC compliant – on all Yuba e-bikes.

UL 2849 compliance requires strict testing to ensure e-bikes meet standards that protect against electrical and mechanical incidents and fire hazards. Testing includes the entire e-bike system, not just the battery, so you can rest assured that while you ride as well as in storage, the whole of your bike stands up to the highest of safety standards. 

Our bikes pass rigorous quality control on many other levels as well. The frame is tested in-factory to withstand high volumes of charge to make sure all your cargo needs are met with a stable and sturdy hauler. The mechanics are checked in-house before bikes leave our warehouse to make sure that it is ready to carry whatever you need safely the second you take it out of the box. 

If you are interested, check out this Cycling Weekly article for more details. 

Reminder: Just like your little ones, your bike needs to go in for an annual check up to keep an eye on normal wear and tear 🙂 

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