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One size fits most (part 1), tall riders!

We have designed the Mundo Cargo Bike so riders of different height would be able to ride the bike. Hence the Mundo Cargo Bicycle can accommodate riders from 5″ to 6.5″ (or 1.50 to 2m).

Max from San Francisco is 6.6″ (2.02m) and owns a black Mundo 21 Speed v.3. He uses it to take his son to the Park, run errands or just as a way to get to point A to B.

We have compiled a few pictures of Max on Mundos with different handlebars, the regular stock handlebar and straight handlebar (blue bike here).

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2 thoughts on “One size fits most (part 1), tall riders!

  1. Magnus says:

    Hi, nice to see a tall guy on a Yuba. Do You think there´ll be strength issues with a long seatpost where seat-tube meets top-tube?

    1. admin says:

      Good question. There’s no weld connecting the seat tube and the top-tube. The seat tube goes into the oval top-tube, or strength and aesthetic.

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