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New Go-Getter Bag Review

This is an excerpt from the full review on Ding Ding Let’s Ride, an awesome website about urban bike commuting and city bikes. This review is of the new Go-Getter Bags, which we just released this month.


Reviewing the 2012 Yuba Go-Getter Bags
by on October 11, 2012

2010 Go-Getter bag on the left and the 2012 edition on the right side of our own Yuba Mundo cargo bike.

Yuba upgraded their already awesome Go-Getter cargo bags this year, and we’ve been waiting to get our hands on one to check out. We love these bags – they’re big, sturdy, easy to use,  and easy to clean, but there are a few things about them we thought could be improved.  I think Yuba Mundo read our minds.  They did a run-down of the new features on their own blog  earlier this year, and in their photos the bags appeared to be a grayish-white in color. Ours ours arrived fully orange, with reflective stripes – all fine by us.

The biggest difference between the 2012 Go-Getter bags and the 2010 edition are the hooks that affix the panniers to the bike.  This is the biggest improvement too.  On the 2010 version,  each bag had 4 very very short straps with plastic buckles that you had to thread through the bike rack and click together.

The buckles on the 2010 Go-Getter bags


The 2012 version of the bags solves the hassle of this set up by replacing the buckles with 4 hooks that easily and quickly clip on to the frame of the bike.  Each hook also has it’s own ‘pulley’ which is helpful for loading or adjusting when the bag is full of gear.

2 of the 4 hooks on a 2012 version of the Go-Getter bag .


A close-up of the hooks on the 2012 Go-Getter bags.

It’s amazing how much faster you can get the bags on and off the bike with these new hooks.  Andrew is completely sold on the new set-up.

Some of the other upgrades are less dramatic but equally appreciated.  They added rings for the shoulder straps to hook onto so that the straps are attached to each end of the bag. Obviously you can’t carry the bag over your shoulder when it’s packed full of groceries, but you can carry it into the store or with lighter loads.  They’ve made the sides of the bags stiffer, to stand up better, added an strap inside the bag to help hold down or divide cargo, and the cargo divider is sewn in now as opposed to simply being a velcro pocket.  Also, the inside of the bag is now an even more-rubberized (aka ‘waterproof’) bright, gloss white.  This makes it much easier to find things as opposed to the black lining of the old bags.  Oh yes, there’s also now a drain-hole in the bottom of the bag too.

The black inside lining of the old version of the Go-Getter bag.


The bright white lining on the new 2012 Go-Getter bags.

We love our Yuba Mundo, loved our old Go-Getter bags, and love the new version even more!   It really seems obvious that Yuba spent time talking to people who were actively using these bags and asked them what would make them even better.   Thumbs up for practical improvements!


More of Samantha’s writing can be found at Ding Ding Let’s Ride. Their website is a gold mine of information about the details of urban riding.

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