Mundo Disc Brake Upgrade Option

Mundo 21 Speed with Disc Brakes

Since the release of the Mundo V3 (fall 2009), upgrading to disc brakes has been available*.  Although the V-Brakes provided with the Mundo provide excellent stopping power, the Mundo comes with disc-ready hubs and disc-brake mounting tabs so that riders can install disc brakes as an option.

The following adapters and disc rotor sizes are required to upgrade the Mundo to disc brakes.

Front: 160mm rotor and 160mm front adapter** (standard)
Rear: 180mm rotor with 140mm rear adapter (Mundo specific configuration)

* valid for Mundos with serial #AD00100001-AD00100230 (under the kickstand plate)

**Installing rotors larger than 160mm not recommended and voids the Yuba warranty.

Shimano Mechanical

Yuba Bicycles recommends the following disc brake kits:

• Tektro Io Disc Brake kit. Our price: $130 (not pictured here, but available at the Yuba Web Store)

• We do offer the 160/140mm caliper adapter so you can purchase the disc brake kit of your choice (from a local IBD) and still make sure the pads are going to achieve 100% pad contact with the disc.

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6 comments on “Mundo Disc Brake Upgrade Option

  1. Andy Cohen on

    One thing that really appeals to me about the Mundo is its industrial-strength wheels, with thick axles and lots of spokes. Do you recommend (or stock) any comparable disc-brake-compatible equivalents?

    • admin on

      Yes we do! We offer the Cargo Wheels with sealed bearings, 48 spokes rear with disc hub ready.
      We have either the wheelset $145, or we can ship the bike (no upcharge) with disc ready wheels.

  2. James Bowskill on

    I’m pretty happy with the V-brakes my Mundo shipped with, but intrigued as to what disc brakes can offer. Is it simply more powerful breaking, or are there other benefits too such as smoother braking, lower maintenance, less chance of failure etc?

    • Yuba Bicycles on

      The V-Brakes seems to provide excellent braking power when the bike is loaded and even in wet conditions. So users living in very hilly areas, want to have the extra safety of the disc brakes. Maintenance seems to be easier on V-brakes in general.

  3. Andy Cohen on

    Are you considering offering the Mundo with an internally-geared hub? It would be nice to be able to shift gears at a standstill, after a panic stop.

    • Yuba Bicycles on

      One of the issue with internal-gear hubs is that they are not designed for supporting lots of cargo. For instance the nexus is 125kg max including the rider.
      Carrying 1 passenger on the Mundo might really damage the hub. This is why we are sticking to the 48 spoke wheel, 14mm axle. But you are free to upgrade a Mundo with such a hub.


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