Mundo FAQ

Where can I find the serial number on my Mundo V5 & elMundo V5?

The serial number on the Mundo V5 & elMundo V5 can be found stamped on the bottom bracket shell.

How do you carry kids on a Yuba Mundo? When are they old enough?

The Yuba Mundo can be configured to accommodate children of all ages – from babies to toddlers, rug rats to tweens, and beyond.


Rani C. and his daughters commute in style year round in Canada.

In general, the American Medical Association recommends that children can be transported on a bike in a child seat, such as the Yepp Maxi, from when they can hold their head upright (about 12 months or 20 pounds) to about 36 months or 36 pounds. To give parents more security, we made sure it will accommodate kids up to 48 months old or 48 lbs. That being said, children get bigger faster or slower, and are ready to move to sitting on the Soft Spot at different ages. It really depends on the temperament of the child.

Two adorable monkeys getting ready to go for a ride at Pedalfest.

Two adorable monkeys getting ready to go for a ride at Pedalfest. Notice the Mundos in the background with alternative child seat set ups.

The next set up after the Yepp Maxi would be setting up the Mundo(make sure wheelskirts are installed) a Leg Up, Soft Spots, and either Monkey Bars or a Hold On Bar. If you’re taking a lot of short trips with a lot of ons and offs, then Hold on Bars are ideal, if you have two or more kids to haul longer distances, and they like to interact with (tickle) each other or fall asleep, the Monkey Bars are more ideal.

This Sparkle Princess is ready for camp.

This Sparkle Princess is ready for camp.

Here's some happy campers getting ready for a summer vacation.

Here’s some happy campers getting ready for a summer vacation.

Once the kids get to be a bit bigger, and their feet can reach the Sideloaders, you probably will want to get Bamboo Boards or a Running Board and a Towing Tray. A Rumble strap can be added for increased security after they’ve outgrown the Monkey Bars.

You can see kids of all ages with all set ups in this photo from Dave C.

You can see kids of all ages with all set ups in this photo from Dave C.

Can I install electric pedal assist on my Mundo?

Yes! Over 70% of our bikes eventually have pedal assist systems installed. Whether front or rear hub motor or bottom bracket-mounted mid-drive, the Mundo is ready to be converted to the system of your choice. There are standard water bottle cage mounts on the downtube to mount your system’s battery.

Important note:

The Mundo V3 and V4’s rear dropouts take a 14mm axle. Standard axles are 12mm or 10mm. A rear hub motor will require the proper axle adapters to be able to work with the Mundo V3 or V4 frame.

For flattened rear axles, you will want to use our Slotted Axle adapters.

For front hub motors, you will want to use our Anti-Rotation washer.

If you plan to use a BionX kit, please contact us to determine whether the system you want to use is compatible with the Mundo V3 or V4.

The Mundo V5 uses standard 3/8″ (or 10mm) vertical rear dropouts.

What’s the biggest tire I can install on my Mundo?

It’s possible to install a 2.5″wide tire with the stock drive train and fenders.

Tires up to 3.5″ wide will require a custom drive train providing more clearance for the chain line; there will not be sufficient clearance for full fenders with a tire this wide.

Do I have to use the Yepp Maxi childseat?

Because the integrated rear racks of our cargo bikes are extra wide a standard child seat won’t fit over the rack.  The Yepp Maxi child seat is the only child seat we’ve found that is compatible with our cargo bikes. 

Mundo V5, Boda Boda V3, Spicy Curry, Sweet Curry and Supermarché all have integrated mounting brackets for the Yepp Maxi.  The seat installs in seconds with the turn of a dial.

Note: For Boda Boda V2 and Mundo V4 or older, you’ll need a Yepp Maxi Easyfit Adapter.

What car rack do you recommend for the electric Cargo Bike?

The big challenge with electric bikes on bike is the additional weight of the motor systems, which typically add ~15-20 pounds to a bike. We recommend The Hollywood Racks Sport Rider for Electric Bikes (HR1450E). It is an easy-to-use hitch mounted rack that fits standard 2″ trailer hitches on cars or trucks. Designed for the additional weight of electric bikes, it has the capacity for two elMundos . The sliding wheel supports make it easy to adjust to longer wheelbase bikes, such as the Mundo, and also fit a shorter wheelbase bike such as a Boda Boda or a road bike.

Putting the bikes in the rack is easy, even for people with less upper body strength. Simply lift up the front wheel, and place it in the rack, and then lift the rear of the Mundo up by it’s frame and pop it into the rack.

We  were concerned that the sideloaders would rub and scratch the paint on the second bike. In our test, this did not happen, because the sideloaders rubbed up against the rubber of the tires on the second bike. If it was a major concern, a user could tape or zip tie some cardboard between the bikes to prevent any contact at all.

The rack conveniently folds up against the vehicle when not in use.

**Please remember if driving with an electric bike to remove the batteries before putting your electric bike on a car rack, because the vibrations of the road can decrease battery life.

What version is my Yuba Mundo?

Over the years the Yuba Mundo has gone through many changes, the most noticeable of these happening to the rear rack. Here are the different Yuba Mundos and the major changes to their frames:

-V1: Our initial offering was manufactured in Germany and has a bolt-on rear rack, the most notable feature of which is the “W” shape of the rear rack stays. Also, the top and down tubes on the front triangle have a circular cross-section rather than oval.

-V2: This version was also manufactured in Germany and had a bolt-on rear rack. You’ll notice that the rear rack has been redesigned and the front pair of the stays have been replaced by a single vertical unit. This bike’s top and down tubes are ovalized, and a kickstand plate was added.

-V3: For this version, we moved production to China and made several changes to the frame. The rack stays are in the same configuration as the V2, but the rear rack is now welded to the frame. We included for the first time the many braze-on mounting points on the rack and sideloaders along with disc-brake tabs and a 21-speed drivetrain.





-V4: The V4 shed unnecessary weight while maintaining strength and integrity . The rear rack has been redesigned with only 3 rack stays per side and has 22 braze-on mounting points throughout the deck, rack stays and sideloaders. Disc-brake tabs have been retained as well as the ovalized top and down tubes. It is also our most completely outfitted bike to date featuring fenders, a dual-leg center stand and a bamboo rear deck in addition to the 21-speed drivetrain. All models from V4.2 forward have a cromoly front fork with a threadless headset.

-V5: You asked and we answered! We’ve updated our popular Mundo frame with many features riders have requested over the years. The frame is now constructed with 4130 Cro-Moly steel and provides a weight savings of 6 lbs while remaining just as strong as its predecessor. The steer tube diameter has increased from 1-1/8″ to 1-1/2″ to increase front end stability. Another addition to the frame are the lock tabs that accept our Frame Lock to help secure your bike for short stops. The rear dropouts have been changed from horizontal 14mm pieces to vertical 10mm so standard rear wheels may be fitted.  Each V5 is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes and we’ve removed the cantilever brake bosses to clean up the fork. We’ve upgraded all components as well and a complete list can be found on our Sizing and Spec Sheet.