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Most Precious Cargo


Yuba Electric Supermarche front loading cargo bike

We like to boast that our bikes magically transform stressful transportation time into quality family time with the turn of a pedal. And it’s true.

“Our 4-year old son was gleefully hooting and hollering the whole ride to preschool this morning — something we’ve never heard him do from his carseat!”  – Annie & Travis Riddell from Jackson, WY.

Our other boast is that we make family biking fun, safe and easy. Also true. Below are a few resources to help you and your family rock the cargo bike lifestyle!

Safety First! All our bikes come with some key safety features such as wheelskirts for rear wheels and a surprisingly loud bell so you can be heard for blocks (as if a squealing toddler doesn’t do the same.)

See all our Safety First accessories to keep your little riders safe and smiling on the ride.

All our Cargo Bikes are designed to grow with your family.  From one to twenty-one you can haul your most precious cargo with confidence and comfort.

Visit our Precious Cargo webpage for a breakdown on customizing your cargo bike for any age rider.

BONUS! Download our Free Family Biking Guide to get rolling today!

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