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Momentum Magazine: Yuba Mundo Review

This is the fourth version of the Mundo cargo bike. It has seen a weight loss of a whole 10 pounds (4.5 kilograms) since its predecessor and now weighs in at 48 pounds (22 kilograms). With 21 speeds, this longtail cargo bike includes side-loader supports and has a hauling capacity of 440 pounds (200 kilograms). The Mundo comes standard with 48-spoked 26-inch wheels, V-brakes, fenders and a stand-alone kickstand. My setup also included the following add-ons: a Peanut Shell child seat, Soft Spot cushion, Stand Alone two-leg kickstand and the Bread Basket front rack. All of these can be purchased separately and would have added a bit over $500 to the standard total. The Mundo can be upgraded to be fully electric with an eZee Kit add-on for a an additional $1350 USD.

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I can’t believe how smooth the ride is while carrying my two daughters whose combined weight is close to 90 pounds (41 kilograms).

Wish List

A bag accessory for those who set up their bikes with a child seat. Because the child seat extends halfway down the back rack, it makes the Go-Getter bag difficult to open and reach into.

Ideal Rider

The family that is looking for an alternative to using a car to transport their kids around town.


My Yuba Mundo test ride was better than I expected. I had ridden a previous model and was tempted then. However, my wife, who rides a motorcycle and is 5’10” was a bit intimidated by how large it looked and was afraid of how it would handle with the weight of two kids riding on the back of the bike. At that time, when my daughters were 1 and 3, we opted for a Zigo Leader that had a child stroller/ trailer attached to the front of a 16” wheel bike. By the time they were 2 and 4, the 3-speed Zigo Leader that we adored, was really lacking speeds we needed to carry the growing girls.

With this new version of the Yuba Mundo, the bike looks quite a lot less intimidating. It could be the new sleek matte black finish or the fact that this test bike came with the dual standalone kickstand, but this bike became my go to bike, every day, without hesitation. This bike was primarily used for short distances within my neighborhood between my kids’ daycare, the park, the swimming pool, ice rink, and to the market and on other urban weekend adventures. If you’re looking to purchase a longtail, you will need to have accessible ground floor parking space. The Yuba Mundo is great value coming in under $2,000 with all my wish list accessories.

The Mundo is exceptionally versatile and a great choice for a cargo bike if you’re looking to pick up the kids from daycare, drop them off at swimming, pick up groceries and carry their two wheels when they’re too tired to keep riding. This is the perfect bicycle for a family with two kids! It’s not too heavy but also feels extremely sturdy.

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