Men’s Journal: Best Bikes to Haul Stuff: Yuba Boda Boda

Shorter and lighter than full-blown cargo bikes, the Boda Boda feels (and looks) more like a casual beach cruiser with its laid-back personality, a stylishly swoopy frame, cushy saddle, and sweptback handlebars that encourage you to take in the scenery.

Tacked on to the back end is a generously sized cargo platform, though, which can be customized with Yuba’s own broad range of accessories, including baby seats, panniers, and a variety of decks. There’s also an available bolt-on front basket that just happens to perfectly fit two cases of beer and, yes, if you’re a little creative, you can even strap a surfboard to the back.

As with the Transport, the Boda Boda’s aluminum frame cuts down on weight but also stiffness. Yuba rates the total cargo capacity at 22 pounds, but doing so will also cause the tail end to wag a bit, so exercise care when loading.

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