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Carry 8 Kids on 1 Bicycle


Yuba Bicycles MEGA Mundo


Some riders say the Mundo just isn’t enough because it only carries 440 lbs. of cargo. We heard you!  Introducing the MEGA Mundo – Double the size, Double the fun!

The MEGA Mundo can haul up to 880 lbs. of cargo or eight middle schoolers on science fair day, a pile of soccer balls and the class hamster (preferably in its cage).

This monster cargo bike is handcrafted from two perfectly good Mundo frames and outfitted with a rare size wheel and a pair of beach cruiser handlebars. The MEGA Mundo feels a lot like riding a horse, saddle and all. It’s elevated step over frame is a perfect fit for giants and basketball players alike.

Now with double the carrying power of the MEGA Mundo, there is nothing stopping you from making that epic Cost-Co run the day before Thanksgiving by bike. Yes, the Bread Basket is the perfect place for the frozen turkey and it’s totally compatible.

The MEGA Mundo is a limited edition item, available for one day only! This day, April 1st.

MSRP: $401


MEGA Mundo vs. Mundo Classic

Yuba Bicycles MEGA MundoYuba Bicycles MEGA Mundo








*While this advertisement is indeed an April Fools Joke, the MEGA Mundo shown in these images is a real live bicycle. (There is a MINI Mundo too, but that’s another story.)
The MEGA Mundo was not harmed during the making of this joke.

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