Marin Newspaper Writes about the Mundo

Readers in Marin are learning all about the environmental benefits of riding a Mundo cargo bike. The Sausalito Marinscope and Ross Valley Reporter newspapers have a great article

Forget the Lexus. The Mundo is a Babe Magnet

Forget the Lexus. The Mundo is a Babe Magnet

about the Mundo and Yuba Bicycles founder Ben Sarrazin. “Next time you need to haul something large across town, there’s no need to call a mover. Just get on a Mundo cargo bike,” writes reporter Kelly Dunleavy. She also interviewed an owner of Breaking Away Bicycles in Ross about the Mundo. Breaking Away is the first Marin bike shop to carry the Mundo. Pedal on down to Breaking Away and take a test ride. You’ll be astounded at how smooth and easy it is to haul groceries, children…or your girlfriend.

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