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Little feet, keep them safe!

Wheel Covers on the Yuba MundoThe Yuba Mundo is now one of the most popular bicycle for carrying passengers including kids. One or multiple kids can be carried on the Mundo rear platform using the Soft Spot padded seat, the Hold-On safety bar and the Running Boards for feet support. However little feet next to moving wheels are exposed to being caught into the spokes.
At our Sausalito workshop we have designed, a simple lightweight and affordable solution for you to install on your Mundo when carrying kids. We call them the “Wheel Skirts”. The Wheel Skirts are made out of a coroplast, the material can be found at most hardware store and the cost for a coroplast sheet is fairly limited. The Wheel Skirts are easy to install on the Mundo, with zip ties and a few bolts. It is also possible to ask for them when ordering a bike from Yuba.

Kit for Wheel coverWe have posted the instructions on how to make the Wheel Skirts here.Wheel Skirts

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One thought on “Little feet, keep them safe!

  1. Steven Vance says:

    Wow, thanks for the design!
    I want to make these to prevent bags and straps from getting caught in the spokes (already had a bungee get caught in the derailleur).

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