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Introducing the new elMundo Electric Cargo Bike

After a few years of R&D, Yuba and eZee are proud to introduce the new Yuba/eZee elMundo Electric Cargo Bike. The Mundo is without doubt one of the best frame to be used as a platform for an electric powered bike. The association of the stable and solid Mundo frame with eZee’s reliable electrical components, makes the elMundo the number #1 alternative to a gas-powered vehicle. The elMundo is fills the gap between bicycles and cars for urban and even sub-urban travel.

elMundo electric cargo bicycle

Introducing the Yuba elMundo

Powerful, fast and cheap

• pedal as fast as Lance Armstrong
• travel up to at least 20mph
• go 20 or more miles on a charge (more if you can charge the battery at work)
• haul your kids
• carry your groceries
• transport any sporting or music equipment

It’s amazingly cheap and practical:

-> no license required
-> no parking
-> no insurance
-> street legal
-> no DMV
-> no $4/gallon refill necessary

Our Electric partner, eZee kinetics

EZee Kinetics Ltd.  has been offering electric kits and electric bikes for many years. So there are a lot of reasons why we have chosen the eZee electric components for the elMundo.

eZee makes the highest quality motor and kits on the market. They don’t cut corners and they pay attention to the details. For instance, the wheel the motors are mounted on are built well, no further adjustment necessary. The controller is weatherproof and integrates self-diagnosis options. The battery pack exists in multiple shapes or configurations and they use the best quality Panasonic cells. In addition the owner of eZee cares, he is a bike rider and even uses his elMundo to ride his young daughter around.

Yuba Bicycles commitment to Electric Cargo Bikes

We have recently added an extensive electric section to our website, with complete product description of the elMundo, some general information about Electric Cargo Bikes, and a FAQ section about elMundo and Electric Utility Bikes.

Stay posted in the up-coming weeks for more information and blog posts featuring the elMundo and electric bike technology. Such as battery and motor care, getting more range of one’s elMundo bike, troubleshooting and repairing, benefits of riding Electric Cargo Bikes.

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