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How much do you save by bike commuting?

Online finance magazine, Kiplinger, recently did an article about frugal parents choosing to bike commute as a method of saving money. At the end of the article they included this handy calculator, which helps you figure out how much you can save by bike commuting every day.

This got us to thinking, how much do people save by bike commuting? Play with the calculator and post your results in the commentfield at the end of the article.

Here’s the article about bike commuting:


Cut Commuting Costs by Biking to Work

The number of Americans who bike as their primary means of transportation to work has increased almost 40 percent in the past decade — and with good reason.

By Amanda Lilly, Online Community Editor, Kiplinger.com

May 17, 2012

Stacy Bisker and her family of six didn’t spend a single dollar filling up the family’s minivan in April.

How is that possible when her husband commutes four miles to and from work every day, and her 2-, 5-, 8- and 10-year-olds have to be shuttled to school, doctors’ appointments and other activities in Huntington, W.Va.? The answer lies in Bisker’s garage, where you will find seven bicycles, plus a new Yuba Mundo cargo bike that can carry up to 440 pounds.

Read the complete text here.

2 thoughts on “How much do you save by bike commuting?

  1. M.Graham says:

    The calculator said that I only save about $3.19/day. But since I’ve been commuting to and from work, I’m sick much less often and I didn’t see those “other” savings listed in their methodology.

    By the way, did anyone else enjoy the obligatory helmet flogging snuck in way at the bottom of the article? Just in case you forget for one second that cycling is a death sentence. 😉

  2. cargolady says:

    $15.01 daily savings – $4.85 for the ferry to get home = $10.16 daily

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