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Hold-Ons: Two Local Youths Test the Mundo Stoker Bars


The “Hold-Ons” are the most fun accessory for the Mundo.  These stoker bars give your passenger something to hold onto while they ride around on the back of your  Mundo.  The Hold-Ons attach to the 31.8 mm seat post of the Mundo and hold standard 25.4 mm bars.  They are available from your local Yuba Dealer or on-line for $49.00.  Dealers like the kit, too.  “I can get the stem, bar and grips from my regular suppliers, but the fact that Yuba cuts the bars and provides all the pieces is much more convenient.  And, at $49.00, its a deal for the customer, too.”, says Joe Doebele from Joe Bike in Portland.

The two youths in this video are extraordinary young mountain bikers here in Marin.  They ride some rad bikes, but today they stopped by to give the Mundo a test spin.

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