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Here comes the taco bike!

 A new Yuba customer got written up in 7×7 magazine. She is going to configure her Yuba Mundo to make and sell tacos on the go.

Gourmet Tacos Made and Delivered by Hot Bike

Gourmet Tacos Made and Delivered by Hot Bike

Rose Johnson (middle) of Hot Bike

San Francisco’s food by bike business is booming. All across the city, bike-loving chefs are pedaling their tasty wares to hungry, mostly late-night customers. The latest bike chef to join the pack is Rose Johnson, of the catering group Apothocurious, who just launched her latest venture: Hot Bike, a mobile bike kitchen where she whips up delicious, organic, California-style tacos.

Hot Bike’s menu includes roasted sweet potato and broccoli tacos with apple salsa, and a signature dessert taco with roasted apples, drizzled chocolate and whip cream. I caught up with Rose to talk about her tasty ride and how to get my hands on some Hot Bike treats.

Where did the idea for Hot Bike come from?  
Apothocurious started as a weekly delivery service. We delivered Hummus, Salsa, Salad and Pesto by bicycle to customers all over SF. In year three I was asked to set up a taco stand for a few events. I carried all of my supplies by bicycle, and was constantly developing my set up to make things easier and more efficient. It became obvious that a bicycle that carried and served the food was the next step.

What kind of food will we find you cooking on your Hot Bike stove?  
I am mostly known for my tacos. They are simple California style grub with roasted veggies or sweet beans, gluten free, mostly vegan (with an add bacon option), and great vehicles for SAUCE. I love making apple salsa, flavor slam sauces, and a variety of vegan pesto.

Are you adding anything new to the menu in the near future?   
I am planning to launch my grilled cheese menu on April 20 at El Rio. The grilled cheese will include cheddar and bacon, mozzarella and caramelized onions and pepper jack with pickled apples. Veggie burgers are on my radar too.

Your bike serves as the delivery and cooking vehicle. Tell us about the set-up.
I am using a Yuba Mundo and attaching a propane powered stove. I will have an electric set- up for indoor events that swivels out to create a decent size kitchen prep and cooking area. Rock the Bike is helping with the designs.

Where can we find Hot Bike?
I’ll be at The Lookout on April 5 for Super Sonic. We’ll be making Korean tacos! And we’ll be at El Rio on April 20, serving up grub from 4-8 pm.

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