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Ginger Ninjas Rock Band Tours Using Yuba Bicycles

Ginger Ninjas on Tour

What does a truly sustainable music tour look like?  The Ginger Ninjas rock and roll band will be on tour using Mundo Bikes made by Yuba Bicycles to travel from city to city unsupported by fossil-fuelled vehicles and playing on a stage that is totally bicycle powered.   Called “Bicycle Music Festivals”, the band’s Pleasant Revolution World Tour includes stops in the US and Europe. 

Bicycle Music Festivals
The Bicycle Music Festivals (BMF) merge live music and bicycle culture to promote sustainable culture in general and bicycle culture in particular.  Over 36 BMFs are scheduled for the tour between May and October. See the Ginger Ninja’s full Tour schedule. Festivals include as many as 15 bands, outrageous bicycle party caravans between festival stops, and zero use of cars or trucks.  “The bicycle Music Festival is the greenest touring music festival concept in the world and transforms the public’s sense of the bicycle’s place in daily living, working, and playing”, says Ginger Ninjas frontman Kipchoge Spencer. 

Human-Powered Stage
The Ginger Ninjas’ pedal-powered stage is the first of its kind in history. The band uses Yuba Mundo Cargo Bikes modified with power generators to drive super efficient, 1200+ watt digital amplifiers so that the band can play any venue totally off the grid. The group also has a moving “Live On Bike” stage that provides live music on the move.  The Mundo makes a perfect platform for doing Live! on Bike,” says Spencer. “It’s light enough that you can actually tour with it yet it’s stiff enough that you can carry a music-making passenger and a P/A so smoothly that the musician can focus on performing.” 

About the Ginger Ninjas
The Ginger Ninjas are as committed to great music as they are to the bicycling lifestyle.  That’s why they mix grooves that really rock, lifting listeners and revelers into bliss with a concoction they call “mind shaking love groove folk funk roots rock explosive international pedal powered mountain music for a pleasant revolution”. Ginger Ninja’s Website  

About Yuba Bicycles
The Yuba Mundo is the undisputed leader of the cargo hauling utility bicycles. The Mundo is the fun and easy way to haul any size load. Whether you’re carrying groceries, tools, kids, amplifiers, a friend (or two) or a door, the Mundo is a great way to conserve energy and improve the health and livability of our communities. The Yuba Mundo is “Challenging the Perception of What a Bicycle Can Do!”  Yuba Bicycles’ Web Site 

The Pleasant Revolution is a project of the Ginger Ninjas and International Bicycle Fund.

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