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Gear Review: TiGr Lock

photo 1

The TiGr Lock, billed as “elegant bike security” delivers on its promise of strength combined with lightness. The locks are made out of titanium, so despite their length size and strength, they are lighter than the U-Locks we normally use to secure our bikes. Although, it was designed to fit around the top tube of a road bike, we found the lock easily fits in a Go-Getter. It’s relatively long length made it easy to secure multiple bikes to a Mundo and then to a bike rack, compared to the long shackle U-Locks we normally use. With other locks, the width of the Sideloaders can interfere with aligning more than one bike next to a Mundo for locking up.

The TiGr lock is a a great lock for people who have custom cargo bikes with high end components, or people who are responsible for locking up a pack of bikes at once regularly (lookin’ at you car-free parents!).

photo 2

Here’s the beauty shot of the lock in action.

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