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From the Mailbag: Greg N’s Mundo Review


“My friend Peter came to town with two friends to play a show with two other musicians. He had no car on this trip. We rode our Yuba Mundo (black, shown here locked to two friends’ bikes) and carried a green Brompton folding bicycle for Peter to ride back to our place. On the return trip, I carried his luggage and his guitar on the Yuba. Perfect. Best part: drafting three Lycra-clad carbon-frame-riding roadies for four miles on the trail–and keeping up with a pannier and a Brompton strapped to the cargo bike, comfy 2.35” tires-and wearing jeans and cowboy boots. They kept shifting up and looking back to see if Brianna and I were still there. I thanked them kindly as we peeled off at our turn, saying: “Cargo bikes are fast!” Their response: “Well, that one is!” Just another great ride on the Mundo.”

-Greg N.

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