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“Fab Kid and Cargo Carrying Bicycle”

The Mundo Utility Bike is tested and ranked #1 in the latest tree hugger review of Kids Carrying Bicycles.

The Yuba Mundo is a great solution for carrying small or big passengers. The Mundo’s rigid frame handles carrying passengers safely and comfortably. Strength means durability, strength means safety, safety means a product built for the job of hauling people and cargo! Depending on the size of the people you are/ will be bringing with you.

# Little Ones from 10-22kg or 22-48lbs/ up to 1m15 or 45″:
The Peanut Shell is Yuba’s seat for the transport of kids from 1 to 4 years old. The Peanut Shell offers great lateral protection, and meets CPSC and EN standards. The Peanut Shell attaches safely and easily with a screw driver and a 10mm wrench. A unique feature of the Mundo Cargo Bike is that it is possible to ride with two Peanut Shells on the Mundo.

# Little person + medium or big person:
In addition to the Peanut Shell combination, Yuba has recently released numerous cargo carrying accessories for hauling passengers. To carry a passenger in style, comfort and safety, combine the Hold-On safety bar, the Running Boards for feet support, the Soft Spot for cushioning.

# 1 (or 2) medium person + 1 (or 2) big person:
It’s easy to transport 2 passengers on the Mundo, Hold-On safety bar, the Running Boards for feet support, and 2 Soft Spots for cushioning.

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