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Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Yuba riders know that their Mundos and ElMundos enable them to do things they never dreamed to be possible by bike, including hauling a banquet’s worth of groceries, one, two, three or even four kids, stand-alone paddleboards and more!

The word must be getting out about Yuba, because a bunch of articles have been published lately about inspirational Yuba riders:

Mark Stosberg’s Car Replacement Vehicle (slideshow)

Tiny Helmets Big Bikes

Gourmet Tacos Delivered by Hot Bike (that’s right, we made the food section of the SF fashion magazine!)


There are a growing number of people who are blogging regularly about their experience riding their Yubas. They are an awesome and intrepid bunch of writers and are quite inspirational:


Bikes as Transportation

Bike, Noun, Verb

Full Hands

Hot Bike

A Mom on a Bike

Me and a Mundo

A Simple Six

Tiny Helmets Big Bikes

Transition Amherst

You Ain’t Got Jack




2 thoughts on “Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

  1. Samantha says:

    We bought our Yuba Mundo over a year ago and love it! And I blog about it quite frequently at along with our other bikes. It’s been a great family bike, cargo bike, and great bike for being able to help a special needs kids tag along with us when it’s too far to ride his own bike. Yubas rule!

  2. I have also just started a blog about my experiences with the Mundo:
    My intent is to let people know that you can do most things a car can do with a bike instead, as long as it is the right bike. For me, the Mundo is the bike that has started to allow me to depend _much_ less on my truck.

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