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DIY Monkey Bar Flair

DIY Monkey Bar Flair

We have some of the craftiest riders out there and we get lots of notes from them on great DIY ways to upgrade your rideing experience.

Parents want more visibility, kiddos want more comfort and everyone wants more accessibility to snacks and water on the ride. Here are some tips to tackle those issues and take your family bike ride to a whole new level!

Check out this set up for our little riders of @thelittlemousecamera


1. Pool Noodle Back Rest – as if you needed more uses for pool noodles, here’s one more. Just measure out the length you want to cover on the back bar. Cut to length. Then slice vertically once from top to bottom and slip it over the bar.

2. Bright Bar Tape – Bar tape comes in ultra bright colors and fun patterns that are great for being seen on the road. Adding bar tape to the Monkey Bars can also provide a cushy back rest and a warm place for hands on cold mornings.

3. Bike Bell – This needs no explanation, who doesn’t like ringing bells?  By adding a fun bike bell to the bars your little rider can ring hello to other cyclists and play an active roll in the ride. It’s a great first lesson in safety.

4. Cup Holder – This was the #1 ask from riders when we were redesigning the Monkey Bars and the new design has mounting points for water bottle cages sure enough. For folks with the original Monkey Bars try a climber’s chalk bag or a bar mounted bottle cage as a cup holder for the kiddos.

Got even better ideas? Is your flair better than this flair? Prove it!
Send us an email with your ideas and photos to [email protected].

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