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DIY Cargo Box for The Supermarché

DIY Cargo Box for your new Supermarché Front Loader Cargo Bike

Our riders are the crafty, DIY sort and we love that about them!  So for all you DIY weekend warriors who like to build it yourselves we’ve supplied some great instructions to DIY a Cargo Box for your new Supermarché Front Loader!

Oh, and it’s totally Bixby approved!

Tools needed:

Circular or hand wood saw
Drill driver (and M8 or 3/8ths bit)
8 M5x40 bolts
Duct or packing tape

Step 1

Cut your 1×12” plank down to 24.5 in / 625mm. Use all necessary hearing and eye protection.

Step 2

Mark off a cutline on both corners of one end of the plank. The end points of the cutline should be around 1.5 in / 38 cm from the corner of the board. Cut these corners off the plank. These cuts serve to provide clearance for the frame tubing and welds.

Step 3

Test fit the spacing board on the frame, the board should sit flat on the braze ons and cover all four pairs. Insure the corner cuts face towards the front of the bike, and provide enough clearance for the frame tubing.

Step 4

Flip tote over and center the bottom plank on the bottom of the tote. When it is centered, tape board securely to bottom of the tote.

Step 5

Print out a full scale copy of the braze on location template. We suggest going to Kinko’s or FedEx and print it out full scale on one oversized sheet of paper. The other option is to print it out on “poster mode” and assemble the standard 8.5×11” sheets to form the full scale template. Cut along the outlined perimeter.

Step 6

Place hole template in the bottom of tote, tape to sides of tote to keep in place. Ensure the side of the template labeled “FRONT” is aligned with the side of the wood with the cut corners. Drill out holes with 3/8ths or M8 drill bit.

Step 7 – The Final Step!

Mount box and wood spacing board to frame using M5x40 bolts, and oversized M5 washers (at least 15mm diameter).

*These steps work for Sterilite® 27 Gallon Black Industrial Tote, and Centrex Plastics, LLC Commander 27-Gallon Black Tote.

One thought on “DIY Cargo Box for The Supermarché

  1. Alain Jonckheere says:

    I am so glad i bought a Yuba. This kind of thinking is exactly what out world is misssing!
    Thanks, my supermarché is si pleasant to ride, you guys rock.

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