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Disaster Relief Trials, PDX

This past weekend, we participated the the Cascadia Disaster Relief Trials in Portland, OR. The event was designed to demonstrate that cargo bikes are reliable and useful vehicles in the event of a cataclysmic event, such as an earthquake. There were all kinds of cargo bikes at the event – from home made creations, to long-tails, to front-loaders and bike trucks – and all kinds of riders. One guy did the trial with his kids. Many of the female riders did it in skirts.

Amateur ham radio operators provided support to the trial, by providing communication between the start/finish point and the checkpoints.

Here are some pictures of the many cargo bikes we saw at the start line:

Yep, that’s a double tall cargo bike. Insane, right?

Kiddical Mass PDX organizers, the Proctors, get ready for the DRT. Note the V2 Mundo Elizabeth is rocking.

Tricycle at the starting line.

One of the many handcrafted rigs participating in the citizen class trial.

This is the Splendid Cycles SAG vehicle with trailer.

There were many Metrofiets participating in the event.

This guy was part of the ARES communication team; note the high powered antennae sticking up off his rack to help him communicate. He had a whole ham station in his Bread Basket.

That’s right. It’s an electric, recumbent, long-tail cargo bike.















































They participated in two classes – citizen class, which was mostly people who use cargo bikes for groceries and kids, and open class, which was mostly riders who use cargo bikes to lug stuff for work.

And they’re off! The citizen class has a group start.

This guy came in first – a full 12 minutes before the next rider, and a few hours before the DFL rider (who had popped a flat in the before the first checkpoint). He’s does flooring restoration, so he rides his bike under load daily.

We were there to give people a sneak preview of the Boda Boda Cargo Cruiser, and they thoroughly enjoyed it.

People commented that they loved the curves and classic aesthetics of the Boda Boda.

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