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Mobility, Utility, Community

We talk a lot about how bicycles are green and save gas and are good exercise, but it seems to me that one of the greatest benefits to bicycling is often overlooked.  Bicycling creates community.  This aspect of bicycling is more difficult to convey because unless you’re a cyclist, it’s hard to understand.  Certainly I ride to get exercise and to save gas, but a big part of the reason I ride is to feel a part of the community where I live.  You see your town differently when you are this close to it.  When you ride a bicycle, you feel like you are really a part of the community instead of just passing through it.  This connection makes people feel like they have an active role in the community just by being there.

In this wonderful video by sdfj, you can begin to understand the connection we all make when we bike.  And when a few hundred people get connected, especially in a town as beautiful as San Francisco, well that’s just magical.  Mobility, Utility, Community.

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