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Christmas Tree Errand – What a Bicycle Can Do!

Christmas is getting close and for me, picking up the Christmas tree really gets me into the Christmas Spirit.  So this year, when the time came to get a tree, we made it into another Mundo experience.  What fun!

My Co-pilot Océanne

With my daughter Océanne on the back of my bike, my wife and I rode to the local Christmas tree lot.  It was so great to see the reactions of people as we rode in on our bikes and picked out a tree.  Everyone in the lot thought is was so cool that we taking the tree home by bike.  One guy said, “That’s so European!” Well… I happen to be French. The experience reminded me of all that Yuba is about – getting out in the fresh air makes any errand feel like an adventure.  Talking to people at the tree lot and waving to people on the road home definitely made me feel connected to my community.  The cold air makes every car’s tailpipe vapors visible and it makes me think that picking up a tree on a bicycle is so much more… appropriate.  Definitely more fun!

Here we Go!


One thought on “Christmas Tree Errand – What a Bicycle Can Do!

  1. Michael Fitzhugh says:

    Awesome! I’m totally inspired!

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