Change Your Mobility Tour – Redux 2011

Steve is Coming And He's Bringing Bikes!

UPDATE – 3/24/11  “Of Mice and Men…”  The schedule for the Yuba Tour has been updated.  Please contact Steve at: if you would like to sponsor a ride near your shop or home.

We’re taking YUBA to the people on the “Change Your Mobility Tour 2011”!

Steve’s taking YUBA Mundos to the people across the US.  No, he’s not riding, but that’s a great idea!  He’s going in the YUBA Van and he’ll have lot’s of Yuba Mundos and accessories with him.  He’ll be visiting dealers, going to shows and going on rides!

Click here to see his route.

If you’re on (or even near) his route, drop him an email at: and let’s schedule and event in your area.

Let’s go for a ride!

7 comments on “Change Your Mobility Tour – Redux 2011

  1. davide on

    hey, I didn’t understand if you are electtrified or what!

    133 km in 1.33 hour! Who are you, superman!

    Let us understand, we’ll publish you trip on our blog

    Davide from La stazione delle biciclette, milano

  2. Rick Scarlet on

    I would love to see you come pretty close to Springfield MO. I’ve looked at the Trek Tranport + and the Kona longtail. If you look at the pictures on my blog you will see why I need one of the Yuba’s instead. Are you bringing some to sell or just to try?

  3. razor ground force electric go kart on

    Hey Steve,

    Sounds like a cool new method of transportation. I would love to try some of your bikes out in Pittsburgh. Maybe you would like to try my razor ground force electric go kart when your in town. We can exchange rides! It be pretty awesome. Anyways, let me know.

    Tom Giffords


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