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Rider Profile: Grom Waldman

Meet Laura Waldman. Also known as #thegirlwiththeladybughelmet or simply as Grom. This little lady practically grew up on the back of a Yuba Cargo Bike (several Yubas actually) and she could be the next fresh face of Women’s Cycling, in about 10 years! The Waldmans are a crazy active family in love bicycles and everyone from Grandpa to… Read more »

Are you the Design Intern we’ve been looking for?

Design Intern: Yuba Bicycles is on the hunt for an Engineering / Design Intern to assist our lead designer. Experience Requirements Passion for cycling for transportation Strong understanding of engineering concepts Mechanical aptitude Basic machine shop experience Bike building / maintenance experience Experience with 3D & 2D CAD modeling (Solidworks, Pro E, Inventor, AudoCad etc.) Experience with… Read more »

Rider Profile: The Croff Family

Meet our favorite Yuba family of 4 straight outta Tulsa Oklahoma, The Croffs. They keep us laughing with each new Instagram post or professional photoshoot staring their Supermarché Front Loader and their costumed kiddos.  You might remember this NYE post… Yep, that was them. The Croff family is a serious force in the bicycling community in Tulsa and they… Read more »

Extra! Extra! The Upgrade Your Commute Contest Results are in!

(Sam Wedelich – Winner of the People Mover category) We couldn’t pick a single winner, so we’re going with our top 3! We’re not just saying this, but whoa! I mean Wow, you guys! We received over 50 entries and each and every one was totally spectacular! Thank you to everyone who entered for taking… Read more »

A big guys use of a bike to be not so big

Meet Chris Smith, aka Mr. GeckoATX.  The ATX stands for Austin, Texas where Chris lives and works in a school library. We’re not sure about the Gecko part, but we sure do love this guy! We met Chris about one year and 135 pounds ago. He entered our elMundo Contest and won second place. The prize… Read more »

Precious Pets

Congratulations to Stevie the Wonder Dog and his brother Lou for winning our hearts and the March Photo Contest: Precious Pets!  These two precious disabled pups don’t let anything slow them down and their owners carry them to their adventures by Supermarché Cargo Bike! Follow Lou and Stevie’s adventures on their Instagram, @wonderdogstevie