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TOTCYCLE: “Midtails” – the New Family Ride?

“Midtails” – the New Family Ride? August 21, 2012 There’s an emerging new category of cargo bikes out there, informally called the “midtail,” as they feature an extended badonkadonk, but not as long as bikes in the “longtail” category like xtracycles, mundo’s, and madsen’s. I’ve noticed 3 versions of this new style pop up in… Read more »

COMPLEX: Yuba Bikes Introduces the Boda Boda Cargo Cruiser

Yuba Bikes Introduces the Boda Boda Cargo Cruiser by Danny Vazquez Taking its name from the omnipresent bicycle taxis in Africa, the aluminum Boda Boda Cargo Cruiser, weighing in at 35 pounds, features an 8mm thick, bamboo rear rack that doubles as a seat with a bamboo foot rest and handle for carrying up and down stairs. With… Read more »

INHABIT: The Boda Boda Cargo Cruiser Bike Is Built Specially for Urban Cyclists

Yuba Bicycles has just launched the newest addition to its line of utility bicycles – the Boda Boda Cargo Cruiser. Designed with the needs of urban cyclists in mind, this sweet bike is no lightweight when it comes to hauling goods. Whether you’re giving a friend a lift or scoring a couple of flats of strawberriesat… Read more »