Precious Cargo


1-4 yrs

Your Littlest Rider

Kiddos from age one to four-years-old get a cushy ride in the Yepp Maxi child seat. With two mounting brackets integrated into the rear rack the child seat can come and go with the turn of a dial.


4-6 yrs

The "Big" Kids

Kiddos who are ready to ditch the “baby seat” for the big kid seat will be tickled to meet the Monkey Bars and Soft Spot padded seat; the perfect combo for our big kids who still get distracted or like to nap on bike rides. Great for riders age 4 to 7-years-old.


6-10 yrs

Practiced Passengers

Now that they are old enough to climb aboard, pay attention and hold their own; its time to upgrade to a pair of Hang On Bars or The Ring for their hands and Running Boards for their feet.


Photos shown above are of the Mundo V5. We make great family Add-Ons for all our cargo bikes! Visit our online store to see Add-Ons for Spicy Curry, Boda Boda, and Mundo.

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